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Elizabeth Steven, Serengeti Human and Wildlife Care Project

Situated on the coast of Lake Victoria and the Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania, lays sixteen villages that make up Bunda district. The villagers are often unaware of the incredible place they reside; a place famous for its annual migration of over 1.5 million wildebeest, 250,000 zebra and Nile crocodile. Over the years, villagers have destroyed the habitat by setting bush fires and cutting down trees for trades. Couple this with poaching and a serious conflict has emerged where crops are destroyed and people are injured or for some, being killed.

The Serengeti Human and Wildlife Care Project being led by Elizabeth Steven, will mitigate the conflict at Bukore village by offering wildlife conservation education to the community and by growing chili peppers to keep elephants out of the community, as they are not keen on the crop. Loki Osborn, director of Elephant Pepper Development Trust, has successfully utilized the latter.

Elizabeth is the director of the Elizabeth Economic and Social Welfare Initiative (EESWI), a feminist volunteer non-governmental organization. Elizabeth is among three women operating EESWI and working to bring transformative training programs to the villages in Bunda. Trainings will comprise of conservation of the forests and wild animals to allow humans and other living beings to peacefully exist. Additionally, information on chili pepper planting to deter elephants will be addressed. Lastly, gender equality and family planning will liberate women and girls from marginalization.

A seed grant will allow Elizabeth to purchase recycled stationery for participants, grow chili peppers from seedlings to harvest, transport expenses, vegan food and operational costs.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: November 11, 2015

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