Elizabeth Rider, International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare

ICHVH LogoElizabeth Rider is an MD (pediatrician) and medical educator at Harvard Medical School and co-founder of a volunteer collaborative effort, started in 2010, that involves people, countries, organizations and institutions around the world working together to restore the human dimensions of healthcare. The mission of the Charter is to reestablish, to healthcare around the world, universal core values that should be present in every healthcare interaction.

The team that started the International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare includes a dedicated group of internationally recognized healthcare leaders, practitioners, educators and scholars that are now forming an International Centre for Communication in Healthcare based at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Many additional experts and patients from around the world have contributed to the Charter. The team’s primary strategy is to disseminate the Charter to serve as a catalyzing force to inspire a movement to improve care by restoring the primacy of human values and to make them the goal of every effort in healthcare. They launched a website in December 2012. Pollination Project funds will be used for outreach and dissemination of the Charter, as well as further development of their new website.