Elizabeth Berkhoudt - After School Kids Equipment

Elizabeth Berkhoudt, After School Kids Equipment

Date grant awarded: 3/29/2017

As an outreach into the community, Elizabeth Berkhoudt started the After School Kids (ASK) program. The program grew out of a community need for a safe place for children to congregate, play, get homework help, and play games while supervised by caring adults.

Many of the children were going home to empty houses, potentially putting them at risk. The program is free to participants and is completely voluntary. Different from a daycare or regular after school program that parents pay for and children may not want to attend, this program has grown organically and more children come to congregate, play, learn social skills and put down electronic devices. They do old fashioned things, like play hopscotch, four square, volleyball and do crafts while laughing together. Building a caring community through face to face interaction in a safe environment ensures that these children get the resources they need as they grow and learn.