Elkana Mayula - Remedial Initiative

Elikana Mayula Karakacha – REMEDIAL INITIATIVE

REMEDIAL INITIATIVE is a project with a technological approach aimed at improving the devastated Chesero lands in Malava Sub-county Kenya, spoilt by massive landslide caused by heavy rains,by building gabions and channel-cuts across dip trenches and planting trees to avoid mass soil erosion.

We have managed to construct 1 gabion at Sembeni. We have also distributed 400 stems of orange and guava fruits, grevillea, blue gum tree seedling in 7 community farmer`s farms and Malava Primary school. Community have been so supportive during our field activities and shown interest of conserving the environment through planting of trees in and along their piece of lands, and starting small tree nurseries. 12 community members are in nature business of establishing tree nurseries.
This project has made big different. Construction of gabions and tunnels has protected community land from massive soil erosion or landslides. This has greatly increased nutrients in soil, increased farm yields and promote socio economic standard of community members. Trees planted has reclaimed and improved the environment, cleaning the air and maintained a humid weather pattern and rain.Lastly, Knowledge on nature has transformed my community where environment promotion is a mutual responsibility of everybody.

The initial grant assisted in the following way ,Our volunteers gained added knowledge and experience through training and built relationship with community members and easily necessitated the transfer of knowledge on gabion making and tree planting. We acquired more equipment and tools that assist in trees planting and building the gabions . The acquisition of these tools has enabled us to do our work more easily and efficiently. Such tools like watering cans increased the rate of tree seedling survival especially during the dry spell.

We intend to establish a number of nurseries which will be distributed to community members to cover 10% of their land. This strategy is aimed at giving support to the the laid down government policy on conserving and greening the country by 10% of its land.
Food sustainability-We hope to enhance our effort in bringing food sovereignty in the region of Kuvasali by amplifying the V-culture techniques. Practicing this kind of farming will increase soil fertility, preserve the biodiversity and provides the farmer with high complex food yield for home use and market sales.
Knowledgeable man power- we shall continue organizing series of trainings to equip project volunteer team with an expanded knowledge on V-culture, environment, soil erosion prevention and agriculture.

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