Elias Nyirenda

Elias Nyirenda, Construction of Antenatal Clinic at Zubachulu

Date grant awarded: 05/06/2017

Women should not die while giving life. Children should not die in their infancy. These are simple truths, that are at the center of the work of Elias Nyirenda. A seasoned Journalist based in Mzimba, Malawi, Elias was born with an eye for the news and a heart for uplifting the socio-economic standards of life for people, especially those living among the resource-poor rural communities.

In Malawi, many children and mothers die because of the inaccessibility of health resources. Through construction of an antenatal clinic at Zubachulu in Mzimba District, Northern Malawi, the project seeks to provide a platform for the delivery of maternal health services, safe motherhood and ensuring that children grow and develop to their full potential by accessing health services within their reach.