Eleonora Mamatova - Promoting girls’ education in Kyrgyzstan

Eleonora Mamatova and the “CARE” team, Promoting Girls’ Education in Kyrgyzstan

Date grant awarded: 01/10/2018

Promoting Girls’ Education in Kyrgyzstan is an initiative created by social activist Eleonora Mamatova and the “Center for Analytical Research and Education” team members to provide a one year-based free English course to twenty teenager girls from poor families in Osh city of Kyrgyz Republic. Over 36% of children in Kyrgyzstan are considered as living in poverty. Girls from poor families are usually forced to get married, and don’t get the chance to have higher education. This minimizes their opportunities to find work and to become self-sufficient. By offering free English lessons the project will impact positively the lives of these girls by giving them the opportunities to have better careers and higher education.