Eileen Jerrett, Blueberry Soup

After the economic crisis of 2008, Eileen Jerrett set to work on a documentary entitled Blueberry Soup, a film that shares the lessons learned from the popular uprisings in Iceland. The People’s movement in Iceland led to the rewriting of the Nation’s Constitution.

This year, Eileen is taking the film on tour to inspire college students across America to rethink the way they approach social change. The screenings will be free, followed by Q&A and have a forum for relating the themes in the film to local initiatives in each community.

Blueberry Soup focuses on the power of social media and person to person connection to inspire social change, and is meant to be a catalyst for conversations that continue far beyond an initial screening.

Grant funds will be used to support the screening of Blueberry Soup at college campuses across the country.

For information on Blueberry Soup, visit the website, Facebook page and Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  July 10, 2014