Efuetlancha Atem and Mbunya Nkemnyi, College Collaboration for Sustainable Great Apes

A book is open to a page of a large ape, which a boy is modeling out of clay on the dirt ground.

In Lebialem, Cameroon, two of the great ape species are on the brink of extinction, along with other large mammal species and birds due to increasing interest in hunting these exquisite creatures. Efuetlancha Atem and Mbunya Nkemnyi note that classroom education paints a blurred picture of conservation and its challenges and benefits, thus they created their project, College Collaboration for Sustainable Great Apes. The project will expose students to the practical elements of the socio-ecological system through forest field trips where wildlife habitats and anthropogenic threat are discussed.

Date grant awarded: March 2, 2016
Website: http://rcesdcam.org/