Solomon Nathaniel and a group of children at the Education & Resource Center for Children

Education & Resource Center for Children

Date grant awarded: 11/11/2017

Education & Resource Centre for Children is an initiative created by Unique Foundation, The Gambia. Solomon Ifeanyi Nathaniel is the leader of Unique Foundation (UF) The Gambia, a charitable organization that works with vulnerable children, youths, women and rural communities in The Gambia. The main focus of UF is the right to health, education, and capacity building of the poor and vulnerable in the society; addressing issues such as poverty, illiteracy, vulnerability and marginalization. The Foundation also engages in women’s legal rights, such as the right to be educated and employed, family planning, and fighting against female genital mutilation. UF believes that education is one of the essential tools to facilitating societal change and every individual has some level of strength within, waiting to be uncovered.

The main goals of this project Education & Resource Centre for Children are to increase access to textbooks, tutors and mentors for the less privileged children; to reduce the number of children attending school; and to establish a learning center for children. The ultimate goal is to create a child-friendly environment where children will be guided towards formal education and/or vocational studies that suit them best, and that will enable them to succeed, build confidence and courage towards future challenges.