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Edith Cho, Stage for Change

Stage for Change is a recently developed nonprofit that grew out of Show Some Skin, a student-led performance project launched in 2012 at the University of Notre Dame. The performance quickly gained national attention thanks to its innovative approach to facilitating dialogue on differences in university settings by allowing students to anonymously share their experiences of identity and “Otherness” (experiences which are often subsumed within the dominant narratives of major institutions).

Because of the remarkable success of annual performances, Edith Cho and her fellow organizers have decided to share their model for encouraging dialogue with other universities through Stage for Change, which offers consulting services and workshops to student groups, faculty, and/or administrative departments in order to help them develop creative projects modeled on the successes of Show Some Skin.

Through their model, anonymous writers will be able to share their lived experiences with intolerance or “otherness” at college campuses across the country. Edith and her peers hope that by giving a voice to students’ experiences, participants will be able to defy stereotypes and reclaim their own identities. They also hope to change the way institutions identify and formulate policies and best practices regarding diversity and acceptance

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 22, 2015

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