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Eco Care Organization Nigeria

Eco Care Organization Nigeria, Bin-Go Desktop and Mobile Application

Date grant awarded: May 8, 2017

Bin-Go is a Mobile and Desktop Application is an initiative of Alex-Okolie Victor, Sophie Okolie Temofe and Esther Ochuwa of Eco Care Organization Nigeria, to facilitate efficient and effective waste management, recycling and also engender an earth savvy lifestyle in Nigeria, Africa and the World.

Bin-Go App enables seamless communication between customers, waste management authorities, scavengers and waste merchants who want to buy recyclable materials such as post consumer waste plastic, aluminum/tin cans and other recyclables. Bin- Go App also facilitates education on climate change, pollution, eminent extinction of other species, efficient and effective waste monitoring, collection and waste bill payment through a secured online payment system which enhance transparency and eliminate revenue loss.

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