Dr. M Fay Ashworth & Wendy B Sellars

Dr. M Fay Ashworth & Wendy B. Sellars – Sec2Nd Chance Transitional Housing

Dr. Fay Ashworth and Wendy Sellars – the faces of Davidson County Transitional Services – recognize that there is essentially no transitional housing in Davidson County, North Carolina for those transitioning from jail or prison. Wendy sees this weekly as she attends court on behalf of clients who are on work release and preparing to transition out of the prison system. As a probation officer and working within the criminal justice system for over twenty plus years, Wendy has firsthand knowledge of the struggle. Dr. Ashworth encounters this barrier when speaking with various family members with loved ones in the criminal justice systems.

The Sec2Nd Chance Transitional Housing – SCTH – program goal is to assist justice-served, justice-involved individuals through Reach Individual Success Everyday: R.I.S.E., by empowering them to return and live in their perspective communities. The grant is one stepping stone to helping Davidson County Transitional Services achieve this milestone of having the first Transitional Housing that serves justice served individuals. We target those individuals who have just been released from prison or those persons who need transitional housing after being denied housing due to a criminal record.