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Douglas Mukodo Odunga, the Bicycles Against Poverty Project riding a bike

Douglas Mukodo Odunga, the Bicycles Against Poverty Project

For more than 3 years, Douglas Mukodo Odunga (AKA Francis) has dedicated himself to improving the lives of his community members by working for NGOs in Nairobi, Kenya, and improving local seed stocks. Now, through his Bicycles Against Poverty Project (BAPP), Francis is helping rural communities near Nairobi access essential services and revenue sources by providing them with a sustainable source of transportation.

One of the most pressing issues that communities in and around Nairobi face is the lack of reliable and affordable transportation. Currently, more than 73% of all Kenyans travel by foot, making it especially difficult for rural communities to access health clinics, clean water, and local markets where they can buy and sell goods.

Through BAPP, Francis provides rural Kenyans with affordable, locally made bicycles, as well as bicycle maintenance training. Unlike the bicycles donated by NGO’s, BAPP bicycles are locally-made and designed to carry goods and additional riders. To date, BAPP has already sold 5 bicycles and helped to generate an estimated $500 of extra income for local farmers. In addition, for every 10 bicycles BAPP sells, Francis provides one free wheel chair bicycle to disabled community members.

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 4, 2015

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