Doretta Tootle - The Diva Project

Doretta Tootle, Nagea Brown – The Diva Project

Date grant awarded: 10/14/2017

Doretta Tootle and her “Thelma’s Dream” non-profit organization are focused on empowering girls to dream big and be the change makers of their lives, school and community. Its core program, Club Diva, addresses the academic, emotional, environmental, and social challenges experienced by the at-risk female youth growing up in underprivileged, urban communities. The six week curriculum provides girls ages 10 to 18 with structure, health education, emotional support, guidance, academic tutoring, conflict resolution and leadership skills. The overarching goal of Club Diva is to engage at-risk female youth, provide them with a safe environment and healthy platform for positive releases of trauma and victimization and to develop their sense of self worth. The program has already made a difference in many girls’ lives throughout the Denver metro area.