Donald Ingram

DMoe Ingram – Cooking up a Difference

Growing up in the projects of Chicago’s South Side, DMoe knows exactly how it feels to live each day in survival mode. He experienced more challenges in his childhood and adolescence than most can even imagine enduring in a lifetime. However, instead of allowing his pain and trauma to harden him, instead of allowing it to make him cynical and pessimistic, he has made a commitment to use what he learned throughout his own experiences to improve the lives of young people, ensuring that others are not forced into the same circumstances he endured. One of the gifts he developed over the years is the gift of cooking, as food was always a way to bring the people he loved together regardless of what was going on around them.

Therefore, as a life coach, mentor, and friend to countless youth, DMoe always finds a way to share his passion and talents with those around him as he inspires individuals and builds community through his work in the kitchen.