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Didas Mzirai, Mucho Mangoes

Didas Mzirai is the President and CEO of Mucho Mangoes Limited in Kenya.

Over 80% of Kenya’s population currently lives in rural areas of the country where the main source of livelihood is commercial agriculture production. Unfortunately, more than 56% of farmers currently live below the poverty line due to low crop yields, unnecessary waste, and an inability to effectively market their products.

Through Mucho Mangoes, Didas is helping farmers mass produce and market high quality, fair-trade, organic mangoes for sale in the U.K, the Netherlands, and the Middle East. This year, Didas plans to support over 500 mango farmers by providing them with training in organic pest management and horticultural techniques designed to help reduce their production costs.

Once crops are harvested, Mucho Mangoes will purchase them at competitive prices and sell them to international buyers, using the profits from their sales to expand the program from Taita Taveta County to all the other Mango producing Counties across Kenya.

For more information, please visit Mucho Mangoes’ website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 22,  2015

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