Diana Renteria and Juan Carlos Gonzalez – A Blooming Salinas

The issues that our work address is greater appreciation for land stewardship, public art, and youth advocacy. We aim to provide resources and workshops regarding food justice in the Salinas Valley while building community among residents through art. Additionally, our project address youth advocacy because it provides a platform for youth to creatively express themselves.

This work is important to me because it gives residents opportunities to learn how to be conscious of their physical well being through healthy foods and mentally conscious through art. I believe that in order to live a fulfilled life, one must first take care of oneself because we tend to overlook the importance of being aware of what we consume and how we express ourselves because of outside forces. We must use our expertise in health and art and educate others on the importance of self-care as well as learning from others in how we can improve our mental and physical state.

The initial seed grant from TPP important to my work because it provides greater resources to continue our work. Without this grant we would not have been able to completely reach the amount of residents we would like. It allows us to continue developing and growing our work because it really plants the seed in the people that we encounter. Our work has grown through the years and the greater funding we acquire, the more people that benefit from it.