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Diana Pei Wu, Labor United for Black Lives Matter – Light Brigade

Art can be healing in a world of pain and trauma, often driven by historic and intergenerational oppression. The role of art and creative interventions in community building and in social justice movement building is magnificent and Diana’s project is using art as a way to transcend trauma and speak out in Portland, Oregon.

Portland is the most predominantly white city in the United States. At the same time, the Black community in Portland suffers from racial profiling and police brutality as well as the violence of gentrification. In the wake of the national Black Lives Matter movement, members of the black community are asking for artistic support for their movement building activities, and Diana’s project is providing it.

For example, the Portland Trans Unity and Don’t Shoot PDX asked for a light brigade action for SAY HER NAME. The Justice for Keaton Otis community asked for a community mobile mural art project. Lastly, Labor United for Black Lives Matter wants to start a marching band. They’re considering making their first production the Hell Ya Talmbout anthem by Janelle Monae.

“Many social justice activists live in their heads more than they live in their bodies, hearts, or spirits. Breaking down many activists’ fear of their own creativity is a beautiful moment.” – Diana Pei Wu

For more information about Labor United for Black Lives Matter – Light Brigade, visit their Facebook.

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