Diana Delbecchi

Diana Delbecchi – The United ReSisters of Green Bay, Wisconsin

We are the United ReSisters: A group of young women creating a more inclusive Green Bay community for all. The group was established in the Spring of 2017 as way to create a space for young former refugee women. Our work intends to shine a light on the growing presence of Somali youth and be a source of inspiration and support to younger generations of Somali girls in our community. We take a three-pronged model to empowerment through focusing on community building through art, confidence building activities and creating access to higher education.

This work was inspired by our founders time working in refugee camps abroad. The grant from The Pollination Project is going to allow our important work to continue to serve newer generations of young Somali women. We are looking forward to creating a space once again for these women to gather, develop deep support systems, learn new skills, explore their interests and have an advocate for their dreams.

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