Filming of "Get on Up" in Natchez, MS

Devin Klugh (Film Natchez & Director) – Improving Rural Development Through Film Economy

Thank you to our funders at The Pollination Project! Our non-profit organization, Film Natchez, aims to aiming to promote the film industry in Natchez, Mississippi through education, job training, and diverse community outreach. Our goal to increase economic vitality in the region through the arts begins with building a local crew-base with a mandate in under-represented communities, updating the city’s infrastructure, and providing career training in both film and television production, marketing and development as well as building inroads to additional commercial growth through housing, catering, transportation and other connecting industries.

This work is important to us as members of the Natchez community. We want to take advantage of the positives that exist within our community, bridge existing gaps, keep young, talented people in Mississippi, and make our community even better! The film economy can bring an influx of jobs, pour money into existing local businesses, and help improve infrastructure in our city. With this grant, we’ll be able to create outreach programs and materials, start training locals to fill jobs in the film economy, and build creative community!