Desire Johnson, the B.i.z. Stoop

Desire Johnson is part of the Impact Hub Oakland Youth Fellowship program and the co-creator of the B.i.z. Stoop, a black youth-run, “Culture Broker Cooperative” based in Oakland, CA. Their vision is to create sustainable channels of fair and equitable trade between Black Pan-African communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The B.i.z. Stoop will offer Sankofa healing sessions for youth who have experienced trauma in order to teach them the tools necessary to overcome their emotional challenges and build healthier communities. Participating youth will also be hired for community outreach, promoting environmentally sustainable and locally owned businesses and community based organizations in their communities. Ultimately, the network of businesses and organizations represented in the program will become a pipeline of employment opportunities for Oakland youth.

Learn more about the B.i.z. Stoop.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 3, 2015