Desire Johnson-Forte – #Passport2Freedom

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Desire Johnson
Project Name: #Passport2Freedom
Grant Location: Oakland, CA, USA

Funding Partner: California Endowment

Project Description: As young adults approach the legal age(s) that create eligibility for school, solo-traveling, working, voting, medical consent, having a valid form of government ID becomes a great need. So why not invest in a passport? #Passport2Freedom will conduct a series of workshops for Millennials and Xennials in the East Bay of Northern California.

Through the #Passport2Freedom project, we cover a history of Black people traveling the globe (for example, as the original navigators, as survivors of the MAAFA, as journeymen and medicine women, as fugitives, as free people, etc.). In addition we will discuss the current state of travel affairs, and real/perceived actions that have been taken to constrict Black travel. Through community meals, critical reading; film and music critique; and shared experiences of transportation: we will bring the abstract concept of travel to tangible state of existence.

Our goal is to strengthen Black youth’s affinity for travel as a tool of self liberation, and ability to grow ones wealth by way of circulation of their currency (time and money). This program pilot in Oakland, CA – and is staffed by Desire Johnson-Forte, a social entrepreneur, budding innovator of participatory pilot implementation and monitoring, and young philanthropist: other wise known as the founder of the Black Intergenerational Zeal (BIZ) Stoop.