Denise Coopersmith, No Time To Die

There is a substantial connection between bullying and suicide. Young people who are bullied in school are more likely to have suicidal thoughts. While some parents may think that it’s simply “kids being kids,” thoughts about suicide are real and can happen every day in a child’s life. Denise Coopersmith, director, producer, playwright and the founder of Good Works Production, understands all too well as she herself, had these thoughts. As a child, Denise suffered with depression and contemplated suicide at age 12. She also suffered great losses later in life which led her to more suicidal thoughts.

Instead of acting on these thoughts, Denise wrote the “No Time To Die” stage play as a way to bring awareness to the issue and show compassion to those who are suffering or who have lost loved ones to suicide.  Denise’s goal is to bring a serious issue that has plagued society for far too long, out of the darkness and into the light on a theatrical stage. “Suicide causes despair to family members and friends,” says Denise, “and in some instances, they watch helplessly as their loved ones isolate themselves from the rest of the world.”

Denise designed her play to be educational, emotional and inspirational, and with help from over 20 people, it will debut in the city of Detroit and then appear in districts across Wayne county.

For more information on No Time To Die visit her Facebook, Twitter and Go Fund Me campaign.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 20, 2015