Denise Burry, Forward Paths Foundation, Inc.

Denise Burry saw Lake County, Florida’s youth aging out of foster care and becoming homeless. In response she helped form Forward Paths Foundation, Inc., a housing assistance and skill building program for young adults.

When aging out of foster care at the age of 18, young adults can lose their housing, financial aid, and adult support. By creating a volunteer-based 501c3 organization, Denise helps generate and administer funds to provide temporary housing and financial support for youth who have aged out.  The volunteer team also organizes their personal resources to provide one-to-one mentoring and group classes to teach financial management, job search techniques, and how to navigate the maze of college and financial aid applications.

In addition to the direct help the Forward Paths Foundation provides, they also educate the public about the needs of this at-risk community and encourages mentorship opportunities with local professionals. While the goal of the program is to help these young adults, one of the key elements of being a part of the program is the requirement to give back to the community by volunteering to a cause of their choice.  By building these local community and civic partnerships, Denise and her team are laying the groundwork for a community of successful adults. Denise says Forward Paths Foundation, Inc. is trying to “think outside the box to make sure that the best possible solution is created for the young people we are trying to help.”

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used for outreach efforts.

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GRANT AWARD DATE:  October 2, 2014