Delphine Konda - Girls Excel Club

Delphine Konda – Girls Excel Club

The ‘Girls Excel Club’ is an initiative conceived by Delphine Konda and the Girls Excel Team to create safer platforms where girls can access sexual and reproductive health education and feminine hygiene products without humiliation.

UNESCO estimates that 1 in 10 African girls skip school during menstruation because they lack sanitary pads. Added to this, lack of menstrual and reproductive health education is a leading factor in the high rate of teenage pregnancy in Cameroon. Aside from the health and educational disadvantages, there are also socio-economic implications when girls skip school, and their ability to break free from poverty is limited. Therefore, Girls Excel has designed a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education guide that not only tackles reproductive health education but also leadership skills, peer education and social entrepreneurship through the art of making low cost, eco-friendly and reusable sanitary pads.

This project contributes to creating a world where girls in Cameroon are safe, educated and healthy, while advocating for a Cameroon where menstrual hygiene management is recognized as a human right. That is why our slogan for this club is ‘GIRLS EXCEL WHEN EMPOWERED’