Delaney Cullen - The Little Garden that Grew

Delaney Cullen – The Little Garden that Grew

Date grant awarded: June 23, 2017

Delaney Cullen at the age of 5, thought of the idea of “The Little Garden that Grew”. Now six, along with the help of her parents, John and Cathleen Cullen, founders of Life Roots, she wants to share her passions of reading and nature with others at her local library in Rutherfordton County, NC. This project will provide a fun, outdoor reading environment for visitors of the library, as well as for outdoor library programs.

This garden won’t just encourage literacy. Delaney’s garden idea will provide food for animals and help children and adults who come there to learn about the diverse bio-region, regenerative agriculture, and the importance of being a steward of the earth. The garden will also incorporate edible plants for the community, allowing them to harvest while enjoying a book outside, or to bring home. With children and adults spending less time outdoors, it is the hopes that this project will inspire others to get outside and reconnect themselves in nature.