José Luis López Carlos – Brigade fighting forest fires. Defense of Nixticuil forest

Grantee Name: José Luis López Carlos
Project Name: Brigade fighting forest fires. Defense of Nixticuil forest
Grant Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, MEXICO

Project Description: The defense of the forest the Nixticuil is born because for thirteen years, real estate companies have been trying to destroy the Nixticuil forest, since then our community has organized to defend and conserve it, in spite of there efforts to profit from urbanization. In 2007, we got part of the forest recognized as a hydrological resources for the city of Guadalajara. Since then, we have restored areas of the forest, fought more than 200 forest fires caused by those who want to destroy it, and created conservation activities to help maintain the ecological balance, preservation of biodiversity, protection of aquifers and capture of carbon dioxide with no support from the government.

Our defense and conservation of the Nixticuil Forest is a long-term community-life objective, a fight for dignity and environmental wellbeing against the destruction of life. We consider it an essential duty because unfortunately our government is in the pockets of the private business. We have to protect its endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna that live there; four with category of protection and one of threatened according to the status of Official Mexican Standard Ecol-059-2001 and 11 considered in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).