Dee Marie, Calming Kids: Creating a Non-Violent World

Dee Marie, Calming Kids: Creating a Non-Violent World

For over 30 years, Dee Marie has worked as a practicing yoga therapist, dedicating her career to helping “at-risk” populations. She is also the visionary and Founder of CALMING KIDS: Creating a Non-Violent World, a non-profit in Boulder, Colorado, that reduces bullying and violence for school age students by training adults to work with youth using a researched based yoga curriculum.

Ten years ago Dee began training students and teachers how to calm themselves and communicate effectively in order to avoid violent interactions. Calming Kids was created in response to the Columbine School massacre and to address the ever growing violence occurring in schools nationally and internationally. The curriculum is translated into four languages, addressing both typical and special needs populations, and teaches relaxation, self-regulation and communication for children ages 3-18. International organizations from around the world seek their instructional manuals for training purposes. The program empowers children, teens, and adults to manage their feelings to be able to release aggression in a healthy manner, giving them a greater capacity to succeed in life and in school.

Dee designed this project to help some of the neediest populations build skills in contentment, compassion and non-violence towards oneself and others. Her goal is to help the next generation learn to manage their stress effectively in order to find healthy lifestyle patterns and peaceful relationships.

To learn more about Calming Kids: Creating a Non-Violent World, follow them on Twitter , visit their website and Facebook page, and review their online teacher training curriculum.

Funding from the Pollination Project will go towards  sending out 500 Calming Kids yoga booklets to 5 different countries, 3 Spanish speaking and 2 Arab speaking.

GRANT AWARD DATE: April 3, 2015