Debra Powell-Wright - For Women Collective: UNSILENCED

Debra Powell Wright – For Women Collective: UNSILENCED

Date grant awarded: April 22, 2018

The “For Women Collective” is a twenty-five member, multi-genre, international performance ensemble honoring the artistry and civil rights activism of the late Nina Simone. The “ For Women Collective” aims to focus on self-empowerment and social change issues, primarily affecting women and girls of color. Through this project, the uses poetry, songs, music, and drama to empower women and girls.

The “For Women Collective: UNSILENCED” project aims to address domestic abuse; and Sisterly Luv Salon, a self-care celebration that includes performance and pampering activities for members and friends of the Collective, and their families. The project will create a website that will serve as a repository for individual projects by FOR WOMEN COLLECTIVE members, as well as resource for information sharing and sisterhood around the world.