Dawa Dolker

Dawa and DVM volunteers – Dharamshala Vegan Movement

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Dawa Dolker
Project Name: Dharamshala Vegan Movement
Grant Location: Dharamshala, INDIA

Funding Partner: Open Philanthropy Project

Project Description: Dharamshala Vegan Movement aims to raise awareness for animal rights and veganism in Dharamshala and other Tibetan communities. This project is the only movement in Dharamshala fighting for non-violence towards animals and encouraging people to get rid of their unethical, unsustainable and unhealthy eating choices and making the switch to a plant based living. With the movement, there has been much growth of vegan friendly options in the local restaurants.

This project presents vegan Buddhist monk activist who advocates on the street in numerous ways to inspire Buddhists towards compassion for animals. This project works to bring Buddhism and veganism closer, ethically both philosophies are inseparable of each other.