David Viafora

David Viafora and Vanessa Loucky, Mindfulness Intentional Communities World Research Tour

Date grant awarded: 07/05/2017

David Viafora and Vanessa Loucky have launched their “Mindfulness Communities World Research Tour” to explore and document over a dozen mindfulness-based residential communities in 9 different countries, sharing the wisdom and compassion of these communities with the world.

People need communities that teach ways to transform the suffering in themselves, their families, and society; yet little is known about mindfulness communities where individuals and families live and practice mindfulness as a way of life together, cultivating inner peace and understanding, harmony of relationships, reverence to the Earth, and compassionate engagement in society.

Viafora and Loucky will research how these communities develop, overcome challenges, and thrive in teaching mindfulness to many others. Findings will be shared through a blog, documentary, articles and a book so that others can replicate these models themselves.