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David Nyongesa, Community Farmers Fix Sick Soil

Depleted and exhausted soils in Buluma, Kenya, are costing farmers millions of Kenyan shillings, over $9,000, a year in lost productivity. As a result, these farmers are struggling to get out of the poverty cycle.

David Nyongesa, a seasoned farmer has recognized that this problem is attributed to the community’s lack of understanding of new fertilizing techniques. David quickly learned how detrimental monocropping and underutilization of mineral and organic fertilizing can be, as his own farmland was affected. After studying agriculture soil management, David began implementing his approach, Integrated Soil Fertility Management, which involves planting soybeans alongside other legumes that will in turn deposit vital nutrients into the soil, rejuvenating ten hectares and tripling product yields. David has now dedicated his time to educate his fellow farmers through his Community Farmers Fix Sick Soil project.

This project will address farming techniques, such as mixing organic matter into the soil and plating legumes that will allow for nitrogen to be naturally deposited into the soil, tripling the yield and healing the soil. David will conduct hands-on trainings with the support of an agricultural extension officer and additional volunteers. Given the successful soil and thus harvesting of seeds, a revolving seed fund will be established, allowing more farmers to plant nitrogen rich crops on their farm.

“I am passionate and inspired to feed the soil so that the soil can feed us.”


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