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David Lubaale, Equality Heals Africa

Date grant awarded: 1/22/2017

David Lubaale is a Libertarian, Pragmatist, Human Rights activist as well as an Interventionist! He is the Founder of an Organization called Equality Heals Africa “”Where Everyone Matters”” is their slogan. They are located along Matugga Road, 10kms from Kampala City, the capital of Uganda. Davis MacMajor is the Co-founders, and currently, Equality Heals Africa is partnering with Organizations like LGBT Consortium-UK, Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights, Sonke Gender Justice-South Africa, Promundo-USA, Charter for Compassion International, and UgaMen among others in order to to accomplish its mission. The project is committed but not limited to the following services: responding immediately to the needs and challenges of the victims of discrimination who are disowned by their relatives, reducing the highest undocumented number of the invisible community who seek asylum and establishing a legal status of the venture through a credible law firm that represents their beneficiaries ( LGBTQ, Single mothers, Albinos, Pregnant teenagers, Victims of human trafficking) in courts.

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