David Juma Omanje, Riwruok Eteko Youth Group

Date grant awarded: October 14, 2016

For young Kenyans in rural communities who have not received a formal education, the youth unemployment rate of 17% has been particularly hard-hitting. After witnessing their rural community struggling, the Riwrouk Eteko Youth Group was formed in Obambo Village, Kenya. This group of concerned young changemakers decided to take on the responsibility of finding opportunities for the young people of the village.

They are a small youth group, who have no social media promotion or web presence, and who have not received previous funding of any kind. We may never have heard about their work, but were fortunate enough to be connected to the group by our East Africa Team Member, David Omondi after he became aware of their work after meeting several members of the group.

Learning more about what they did, he recognized that this group had the potential to make a large impact on the community, and chose to award them a $1000 seed grant. The grant will support their plan to start a small community-owned carwash business which will generate revenue to sustain training programs and generate income for the young people of the community. David will also provide mentoring in social media, fundraising, and community development to the group.