Daphne Morgen - Youth UnMuted

Daphne Morgen and Hannah Brumbaum – Youth UnMuted

Youth UnMuted facilitates pop-up creative storytelling and art workshops with refugee and migrant youth, increasing resilience and building peer-to-peer support networks. Founded by Daphne Morgen and Hannah Brumbaum in April 2018 in response to the lack of adequate programming for youth, many of whom are stuck in a state of chronic trauma for years, Daphne and Hannah were determined to establish a program that provided a space and the tools necessary for youth to reclaim their own experiences, their peers, and the prospect of being heard.

Youth UnMuted seeks to elevate youth voices by engaging workshops focused on storytelling and art, emboldening participants to build and express their own narratives; and by elevating their voices through their online magazine.

Participants are provided an opportunity to take pride in their work and realize the value in their perspectives through its end-of-workshop ‘zines and celebratory showcases, as well as by inviting them to contribute to the larger and more widely-circulated digital Youth UnMuted Magazine. For participants, the workshops are an opportunity to reclaim a sense of self often harmed by the demoralizing circumstances facing displaced communities. Youth UnMuted is a channel through which each individual’s unique perspectives are valued and elevated on their own terms.

The Youth UnMuted Magazine is a glimpse into the life of a young refugee. Youth want to be heard–they have voices and stories that should be shared. Youth UnMuted envisions a world in which the voice of every young person is elevated and valued, enabling youth to act as agents of change within their own lives and communities. The Youth UnMuted Magazine provides a platform on which youth can advocate for themselves, offering the reader a chance to view the world through their camera lenses, understand their lives through their poems and prose, and to feel their emotions through their artwork.