Dante Mack, Dartmouth Chapter of Give More HUGS

Date grant awarded: December 9, 2016

This flow fund, made by Youth Development Team Member Chris McGilvery will help Dante and establish a chapter of Give More HUGS at Dartmouth College. Chris explains why he was so driven to support Dante with a grant which will help empower university students to help young people who have limited access to educational resources:

“Dante Mack is a driven individual who aspires to make a mark in this world by making it a better place. “I’d like to leave the world in a better place than I found it, and I believe that I would have the opportunity to with Give More HUGS” explained Dante.

He plans on having various events including book drives, HUG stands, bake sales, and going out to schools and helping children locally. One of the great things that will happen from this opportunity is an instant partnership, which will help Dante flourish as a community leader. Dante will be able to lean on both Give More HUGS and The Pollination Project to learn and build his skills to sustain the work he will do in New Hampshire. This opportunity will help him live out his dreams of possibly starting his own nonprofit later in the future. “I would also love to get experience with how a non-profit organization works, and the types of things that are necessary to maintain a non-profit, as one day in the future I would like to have a non-profit organization that helps the world with one of its many problems, such as poverty, world hunger, water shortages, etc.” explained Dante. His passion for helping others is evident.

This project is important to Dante because he ultimately feel that a lot of the world’s problems can be solved with education. In his own life, education was extremely valued, and he was always taught that knowledge is power. Someone taught him how to read, write, do arithmetic, etc. and he ended up at Dartmouth College. With that being said, he explains, “If we all knew basic arithmetic, and how to read, the possibilities for the world are endless.” He also hopes for the entire world to unite and find a cure for cancer, or a way to solve world hunger, etc. Thus, his project is much bigger than him. This is what drives him, and gives him passion to support children with their educational journey.”