Danielle Servedio, Project Pink Ink

In 2005, Danielle Servedio-Panbechi’s mom Trudy was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Trudy had a mastectomy with reconstruction followed by radiation and two types of chemotherapy. She almost lost her life due to a rare reaction to one of her chemotherapy medications. During this time Danielle turned to art as a way to express her feelings about what was happening and created a book that documented her mother’s fight with cancer. This art experience not only helped Danielle, but Trudy as well. It was then that Danielle realized the profound healing impact that art can have on a person.

Project Pink Ink is run by Danielle with the goal to provide patients and their caregivers with arts based experiences that will improve their overall quality of life. This consists of viewing and creating art and providing arts based therapies for patients and caregivers. For patients staying in the hospital for treatment, Project Pink Ink will provide artwork to be displayed in each room on the oncology floor of the participating hospital. This artwork will be an inspirational image created by an artist and donated to PPI. When the patient leaves the hospital they will be able to take the framed art with them to display in their homes as a reminder of their strength and what they have overcome.

Project Pink Ink has started to provide art work shops at two hospitals in Barnegat and Brick New Jersey and would like to continue to provide workshops for oncology patients, survivors and families as well as provide art and art kits for patients staying in the hospital.

For more information, visit Project Pink Ink on their website, Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 10, 2015