Daniella Rodriguez, Finca Tres Vidas

Daniella Rodriguez owns and operates a very small organic veggie farm, Siembra Tres Vidas, in the high mountains of Aibonito, Puerto Rico. In the past two years her farm has become a go-to resource for upcoming small farmers and potential homesteaders.

On an island where 85% of food is imported, knowledge regarding self-sustaining food production is priceless. For Daniella, building a sustainable homestead was the only option for living a healthy and happy life, without having to compromise precious time with her son. As a young, small, family living off their small organic vegetable farm, Daniella and her family are truly making ends just meet.

After 4 years of operating solely on rented land, Daniella was blessed to be able to acquire a remote 10 acre farm, Finca Tres Vidas, in the same town as her small organic farming operation. She seeks to develop this property using the techniques of permaculture design, and it is her goal to be an educational center for all who seek the know-how on developing their own self-sustaining projects.

Daniella explains, “I have come to realize through our current business that many puertorricans are looking for new solutions to old problems and are turning to sustainable agriculture for their answers.”

A Pay it Forward Loan from the Pollination Project will be used for  project expenses such as training materials and tuition  fees for a Permaculture Design Certificate.