Two men are in a field sowing seeds.

Daniel Twite, High Value Vegetable Growing for Youth Employment

According to Action Aid International Uganda, the level of unemployment in Uganda among the youth stands at 62%, with 12% of those aged eighteen to thirty years being in chronic poverty. Agriculture serves as the backbone of the economy, contributing approximately 37% of the Gross Domestic Product. To support the youth and the agricultural economy, Daniel Twite has received a Pay It Forward loan for his High Value Vegetable Growing for Youth Employment project in Kamuli, Uganda.

Daniel is working on behalf of the community based, youth organization, Genius Professional Investment Club, GENPRO. Together they will improve the livelihoods of its members by stimulating development among the youth by founding a one-acre garden of high value tomatoes. Since August 2014, GENPRO members have planted a one-acre garden of bananas and a quarter-acre of tomatoes. With a grant, they will be able to secure the equipment and resources needed to complete the tomato garden. Upon completion, the tomato garden will act as a demonstration plot to help train and equip one hundred community members with agricultural skills. Furthermore, the members will have raised enough capital to upscale other income generating activities for economical security.

Daniel states, “I am inspired by seeing a community living in peace with improved living standards and utilizing the environment in a sustainable manner. I am also a person who loves agriculture as an economic activity and I believe that by improving the agriculture sector, the people of Uganda will attain good living standards.”

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