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Daniel and Lorna Bravo, The Florida Monarch Waystation School Project 

In the US, the population of Monarch Butterflies has decreased by 90% and the decline of Milkweed plants (the only food source for Monarch caterpillars), poses the greatest threat to their survival. Ten year old Daniel Bravo, a 5th grader attending Mater Academy Elementary school in Miami, Florida, has started The Florida Monarch Waystation School Project, focusing on the loss of monarch habitat and food sources. He endeavors to produce and sustain enough milkweed to nourish future successive generations of Monarch Butterflies. He also hopes to sustain their migration path from Canada to Mexico and to help other pollinators as well. 

Daniel has raised Monarch Butterflies with his mom, Lorna Bravo, since he was 5 years old, and to date, has helped in releasing over 800 Monarch Butterflies in the community. They have both volunteered many hours for the last 5 years, bringing awareness about the decline of the Monarch Butterfly’s population and the major factors affecting them. 

Daniel started on his first Monarch Waystation Project in school. It has been up and going for about 8 months and is already showing benefits to the school, students and science teachers. They will be working with Councilman David Williams Jr. from the city of Miami Gardens, to start 12 Monarch Waystations in local Elementary schools.

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