Daniel Ajumobi

Daniel Ajumobi – JumobyLand for Farmly

JumobyLand For Farmly is a project initiated by Daniel Ajumobi with focus on promoting healthy consumption and combating youth-unemployment across Nigeria. He is cultivating, processing and packaging plantain into cheap, edible, zero sugar, and zero cholesterol flour, chips, and other by-products. The project caters towards indigent youth by providing decent work, feeding, shelter, and basic education for youth within the rural communities in the western part of the country.

The project was born out of Daniel’s passion to end the unemployment rate, which is on the rise. As someone who experienced unemployment, Daniel journeyed through the paths of survival, from the street to becoming a social entrepreneur. Grant funds will allow him to carry out the following activities: clearing farmland, purchasing plantain and corn stalks, establishing a borehole, and cultivating workforce payment.