Sarah Baumgarten

Dandelion and Maypop – Resilient Bodies Community Apothecary

Date grant awarded: 09/28/2017

Resilient Bodies Community Apothecary is part of a larger ongoing project, which is the Washington Street Community Garden. We have been maintaining a medicine garden for 3 years that supplies the apothecary with natural, plant-based medicines made with intention from foraged or homegrown plants. All medicine is hand harvested and processed with intense labor and love. We offer a diversity of natural remedies in a variety of forms. All of the medicine is made available, for free, to the surrounding community, but if you have the means, we ask you to pay what you can. Instead of going into our pockets, these contributions go straight to a legal fund for folks who are caught up in the judicial system.

We are trying to change the way in which people think about healing. This world is traumatizing and the capitalist model of healing is no different. The American Medical Machine abuses, shames, and controls our bodies. We are all sick but healing can be an empowering act. We can reclaim our bodies from the State, learn to inhabit them again, and begin to understand exactly what they need.

Consuming plant-medicine is just one practice that will allow us to begin this process. It’s not just about consuming medicine from plants but feeling the insurrectionary qualities of plants and wild life. Their willingness to spread unconditional mutual aid and most importantly their resilience against domination and domestication. We too can begin setting our roots in every crack, crumbling infrastructures of control, building grounds for new desires to germinate, and refusing to die without ever having lived a life.