Danae Young and Destini Richardson, “The Man in the Mirror” School Tour

After working with Youth Development Hub member, Kehli Berry, as participants in her program, ‘Divas of Compton’, Danae Young and Destini Richardson decided to step up and create their own program.

Drawing on their experiences growing up in Compton, these young women have launched a tour through 29 of LA’s inner city schools which will address key issues facing their peers. Using dance, rapping, singing, and skits to engage and educate students, the tour is specifically designed to unify students across lines of race, class, and gender so that they may be stronger together as they face gang violence, sex trafficking, bullying, and drug and alcohol issues. By breaking down the perception of negative behavior as ‘cool’, Danae and Destini want to help their peers emerge as young leaders and to support them in their bright futures.

Kehli identified Danae and Destini as recipients of this flow fund award because they are emerging as young leaders with a deep connection to their community and the issues that young people face. Danae told us that after their appearance on TV with the Divas of Compton they had a lot of interest from young people on social media, and that they felt called to use this reach to be positive role models to their peers in the city of Compton.