#DALITWOMENFIGHT is a media-based initiative that exposes the issue at the core of India’s rape crisis: caste-based sexual violence. It brings together scholars, artists, and activists with one goal: Eradicate Caste in India.

Through the documentation of the historic Dalit Women’s Self-Respect Movement, engagements with survivors, perpetrators, activists and public officials, the project will uncover an “invisible” human rights travesty.

#DALITWOMENFIGHT is rooted in the stories of leading scholars, journalists, analysts, activists, survivors, and international advocates of the Dalit movement. Their experiences, provide both a searing indictment of India while also providing Dalit women a space to heal, as well as lead the way in imagining solutions to end this violence. This initiative has produced a non-fiction book, a film, and photo-series.

To learn more about #DALITWOMENFIGHT, check out their Website, Twitter and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: January 1, 2015