Keevan Dantzler - Say Grace Initiative

Cynthia Dailey, Justin Dailey, Keevan Dantzler, Pierre Estes, Alyson Shaler, James Miletello – Say Grace Initiative

Date grant awarded: 02/11/2018

 The “Say GRACE Initiative” is Grace Housing Complex call to action to revitalize Chicago’s South Deering, Roseland, and Englewood Communities. “GRACE” is an acronym for Greet, Relationships, Assistance, Communication, & Evaluation, and it is a model through which we will convene community residents, leaders, and officials to participate in a one-day community planning charrette. This charrette will examine issues such as housing, education, and health and will provide information to support a forthcoming community development plan. The Say GRACE charrette will serve low-income residents, with a particular target demographic of mothers. Grace has deep ties to these neighborhoods, with many of our volunteers and staff growing up in these communities as well as having family in these communities. Through partnership with the nonprofit The Social Alchemy Collective, the “Say Grace Initiative” aims to facilitate social change and holistic development to the most underserved communities in the entire city of Chicago.