Carrie LeBlanc

CompassionWorks International – CompassionWorks International’s Go Vegan Initiative

Grantee Name: Carrie Le Blanc
Project Name: CompassionWorks International’s Go Vegan Initiative
Grant Location: Las Vegas, USA

Funding Partner: AWFW

Project Description: CompassionWorks International’s Go Vegan initiative will focus vegan messaging on our local area of Las Vegas, which sees over 40 million visitors per year. Because visitation to Las Vegas is focused on small areas of the city, and because targeting those areas with mass advertising is extremely cost effective, funding provided by The Pollination Project will be utilized by CWI to run “mobile billboards” on the Las Vegas Strip.

We will use vegan messaging that is direct, but friendly, to focus on the many benefits that going vegan offers and will couple that with strong, effective, eye-catching design in an effort to save more farmed animals from unnecessary suffering.