Craig Williams, Sunset High School, Encinitas, CA

Craig Williams

Craig is a math teacher and student advisor at Sunset High School, a continuation high school in Encinitas, California. Craig believes the goal of education is to support an intelligent population capable of making informed, rational, and impassioned decisions based on conviction and relevant information. As an educator, he strives to inspire his students, “the next generation,” by teaching them life-lessons about empowerment and tolerance, and imparting them with a vision for the future.

An avid environmentalist, Craig says it is his responsibility and obligation to share knowledge about the positive and negative impacts a human being can make on the planet with future generations.

Two years ago, Craig created a “garden pass”, much like a “bathroom pass,” to motivate his students to learn more about the garden, the land, and its creatures. Last year, he coordinated the construction of a mural painting by a student artist to represent the diversity of the student population. The mural became a school-wide project where students donated money to complete the project when they learned about its significance.

As a teacher who not only seeks to enlighten others, but to inspire others to want to be enlightened, Craig hopes to help students find their passion.