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Students stand outside before school in their green and red uniforms.

Courtney Gullett, Sitota Learning Center Lunch Program

It is not hard to understand that children who have proper nutrition do better in school. They have the potential for higher grades and better test scores. Well fed students are also less likely to repeat grades or drop out of school. Unfortunately, not all children have access to food , much less proper nutrition.

Located in southern Ethiopia is Awassa, where Courtney Gullett and Love for Ethiopia are operating their vegan-feeding program at Sitota Learning Center. Together they understand that in order for students to progress and thrive, they need to have their nutritional needs met.

In 2007 Courtney and her husband adopted their son from Awassa and since that time she has felt a connection to the community and country at large. An opportunity presented to open a school, thus began Sitota Learning Center. Love for Ethiopia works to help marginalized children break the cycle of poverty by providing a quality education. The percentage of children who complete an eighth grade level of education is incredibly small and thus this project, which allows both education and a meal, is unheard of. Students have the opportunity to grow, study and step into their role as leaders of their country.

With a seed grant, one vegan meal will be presented to 200 children, five days a week during the academic year. The meal will be comprised of traditional Ethiopian food. The $1,000 will allow utensils, plates, cups, pots, charcoal and construction materials to be purchased.

Kebede Worku, the State Minister of Health of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia states, “There are no negative consequences of investing in improved nutrition.”

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GRANT AWARD DATE: November 19, 2015

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