Consortium Research & Develop. Partners – Resilient Mentors

Consortium Research and Development Partners strives to build resilient children who have strategies to bounce back after adverse situations, stress, and trauma. Many students lack strategies to work through challenges and cope with stress. This is not a skill that children naturally have. They develop this skill as they grow and take healthy risks, even when they face obstacles.

Consortium believes that students can learn resiliency when they have mentors in their life who can share similar stories and strategies for coping with adverse situations. We also believe that writing is a great strategy that can support children to tell their stories so that they too can act as mentors to someone else. This is why we created Resilient Mentors as a program that brings ordinary mentors to children to teach them various strategies to cope with life’s challenges while promoting writing as a way to heal and encourage others. Children engage in various activities to learn specific strategies while writing their own stories about resiliency and becoming a mentor to someone else.