Connie Wong, Cal State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Date grant awarded: OCTOBER 9, 2013

Connie teaches core classes in the Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise major at California State University Los AngelesSchool of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science. As an educator and a practicing physical therapist, Connie strives to convey to her students how serving others through exercise and movement goes beyond muscles and bones or strength and balance:  “It must involve humane understanding, openness to being taught by whom we serve and compassionate communication through our hands, eyes, ears and words,” she says.

On campus, Connie supervises a service-learning center for therapeutic exercise where students and clients participate in mutually beneficial activities, as students treat impaired or patients with disabilities (often free of charge) and patients help students understand their conditions. Connie is also the faculty advisor of the meditation club, and uses meditation to aid students in their own life challenges, and to teach them how to help others in pain or distress.

“I believe that the world becomes what you teach and I want my students to see this world as moldable in kind and just ways,” Connie says.